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prenzlnet Berlin - Das Projekt prenzlnet untersucht die Möglichkeiten alternativer Vernetzung. Ziel des Projektes ist es, die Voraussetzungen für eine möglichst weitreichende, selbstgestaltete Teilnahme an neuen Kommunikationsstrukturen zu schaffen. Dabei steht der Bildungsaspekt sowie die Förderung kultureller und künstlerischer Projekte im Vordergrung.

Access for All FAQ Berlin - The basic idea is that during the ongoing process of formation of the Matrix, political, legal, technical, cultural, social decisions are taken that concern us all. The basis for opinion forming and participation in these decision processes is access.

MISERA MEDIA Salzburg - Zur Lage der Neuen Medien in Österreich. Eine Bestandsaufnahme und kritische Diskussion.

AStA der Gesamthochschule Kassel Kassel - Der AStA ist Teil der Hochschulselbstverwaltung, d. h., daß Studierenden die Möglichkeit gegeben wird, das studentische Leben zu einem Teil selbst zu gestalten.

Internet 1996 World Exposition This fair is different in many ways from the great World Expositions, but it is a real world's fair. Cyberspace is part of the real world, and this fair is not a virtual project. It is also an ever-changing fair: we open our construction site on January 1, and construction continues throughout the year as people add pavilions, places, and events.

Siberian Deal - Virtual Real Wien - or Siberian Deal is a project on /objects and /information emphasising contacts of people, involving them and sharing tangible and intangible things. Eva Wohlgemuth, KathyRae Huffman, and Tatjana Didenko are going to find out what western goods are worth in Siberia (not for money but for trade). Travel will start at September 19th, 1995.

Critical Art Ensemble Critical Art Ensemble is a collective of five artists of various specializations dedicated to exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory.


Mediamatic Amsterdam - An international quarterly about the cultural implications of new media. Since '85 in print. Since '94 on line. The magazine's raw material is the text of theory: analysis, polemics, experimental theory, speculations and sometimes pure fiction. Authors from Europe, Japan and North America examine whatever theme through the filter of Mediamatic's only assumption: that New Media are changing every facet of human endeavour more rapidly than you can guess.

CTHEORY Canada - CTHEORY is an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture. Sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, reviews are posted periodically of key books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.

TightRope Saarbrücken - TightRope is produced with the aim of creating a discussion forum related to artistic, philosophical and social topics in the context of changing media-landscapes and structures of communication. The digitalisation and transport of information is a fast growing and important subject in our society. Mass media will be affected by it as well and the corresponding machines will soon be found in our homes. We want to contribute to the ongoing discussions of how to deal with these developments by presenting realistic viewpoints related to the use of these precious resources.

Blitz Review Köln, Wien - Blitz Review widmet sich interessanten und aktuellen visuellen Erscheinungen, die in der Bildenden Kunst, den Neuen Medien, der Werbung, der Architektur sowie in den flexiblen Schnittmengen dieser Bereiche auftauchen. Blitz Review ist Information und Kommentar zugleich. Wenn Sie ablehnender oder zustimmender Meinung zu einer Blitz Review sind, können Sie diese kommentieren. Äuserungen von Belang werden dann der entsprechenden Blitz Review für alle lesbar hinzugefügt.

congresses online

Next 5 Minutes Amsterdam/Rotterdam - Next 5 Minutes is a conference and exhibition project about tactical media, due to take place on January 18th - 21st, 1996, which is being organised by De Balie, Paradiso, V2_Organisatie, the Society for Old and New Media and the Centre for Tactical Media in collaboration with other national and international organisations.

Telepolis München - Telepolis WWW-Site serves a twofold purposes. First we would like to inform you about "Telepolis - Exhibition and Symposium on the Interactive and Networked City" in Louxemburg, November 3 - 12, 1995. Second we consider this form of electronic publishing an autonomous medium, which we try to demonstrate through an appropriate presentation. The Telepolis W-3 site is divided into three sections. Under "Information" you will find basic facts concerning the exhibition (schedule, whereabouts, and information about our partners. We kindly invite you to register or to subscribe to a mailing list. "Telepolis" stands for a detailed preview of the exhibition and the accompagnying symposia. In the "Telepolis-Journal" you can look up the discussion on culture and theory in the Internet. This journal is still expanding and you can take part in it by sending us your opinion or articles. We started the Telepolis W-3 site in March 95 with only a few plain text pages. But soon it began to show a dynamism of its own and we are happy about the positive feedback. Well, there was a misunderstanding: Telepolis on the WWW is not another virtual city like the "Digital City Amsterdam" or "International City Berlin". To us Telepolis represents a theorical and organizational reservoir for all innovative digital city projects. We hope that our Telepolis pages will stay an interesting meeting point in the Internet!

interface3 Hamburg - "Interface 3 - Conference" will take place November 1st to 3rd, 1995 in Hamburg. There will be lectures dealing with the themes "Netze denken", "Kunst verkehren", "Verbindlichkeiten" "thinking networks", "circulating art", "commitments". "Interface 3 - Network" started march 1995 in collaboration with interface3 participants. "Structures" will be developed to explore the shape of "Interface 3 network-conference" by means of º WWW º e-mail Salons º MOO º NewsGroups º ftp º. The discussion tracts between the conference and the network will cross-road in the "bit_link_bar"

European Media Art Festival Osnabrück - European Media Art Festival - that means five days of films, videos, performances, installations, CD-ROMs and internet projects. At different venues in Osnabrück international media-art will be presented and discussed. The art gallery Dominikanerkirche offers the fascinating environment for the exhibition due to it´s gothic ambience. Various approaches in the production of moving images apart from convential narration and standerized contents, show the innovative power and vitality of media arts, also and because of the anniversary of cinematography. ``Arts and Body'' are the topical frames of this years festival programme. Many artists deal with the human body as the main focus in their work and ask which influence the interactive media might have on the individual. We invite you to take part on a journey of images from the beginning of the film avantgarde to the future of the cybernauts in the global village.

ISEA96 Rotterdam - The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) was founded in July, 1990. It is an umbrella organization for the electronic arts whose membership consists of a wide range of electronic art institutes and organizations, as well as individuals - artists, scientists and other interested parties. The global aim of ISEA is the structuring of a systematic approach to the potentials and problems of electronic art. To do this, communication between scientists, artists and technologists is essential. Communication between their institutes and organizations is especially important. On a more practical plane, the Inter-Society fosters such communication by means of an electronic network and databank, a monthly newsletter (in both electronic and hard-copy versions), the International Symposia on Electronic Art and the International Journal on Electronic Art (currently in preparation). ISEA promotes cooperation between scientists, artists and technologists by advising or even adopting electronic art projects. ISEA actively raises funds for selected projects proposed by members. The idea is to support collaborations among qualified practitioners as determined by the requirements of each project. As a collective organization, ISEA can often make a stronger case for acquiring subsidies for projects.

DEAF95 - Dutch Electronic Art Festival with: Exposition; Music and Interfaces; World Wide Web; CD-ROM and CD-I; Symposium; Adventures Night with film, performances, and music. Organisation: V_2 Organisatie. Dates: 21 - 26 November, 1995. DEAF95 is a festival on art and (media)technology. A festival where current developments in art are set next to current developments in science and technology. DEAF95 is an interdisciplinary festival. The increasing blurring borders between the (art)disciplines that result from the mixture of art and technology will characterize the festival curriculum; thus, the cooperation between the different disciplines.


ART+COM Berlin - ART+COM is an interdisciplinary group concerned with the integration of computertechnology, communication and design. ART+COM was founded in 1988 as a centre for computer aided design and communication, with the intention to promote co-operation between science, design and education. Since 1988 ART + COM has established itself as a melting pot for new ideas and new technologies, where specialists from the Arts, from Science and from industrie come together to combine their ideas and goals. The method of working at ART+COM is characterized by an openness towards new projects and novel approaches, the readiness to question old patterns and ways of thinking and the ability to speed up complex development-processes.

Ponton European Media Art Lab Hannover - Ponton European Media Art Lab is a private research institute. Artists, scientists and technicians are working together on socio-cultural projects for tomorrows interactive world ranging from interactive TV to 3D user interfaces for networks. The focus of our interest is on telematic culture and the resulting new forms of people to people communication. Ponton's projects are often a work in progress. Prototypes are realised and developed in a process of simultaneous use. The resulting experiences allow to understand individual representations in the information society. For us technology is not a means by itself. It is only a transport medium for communication in electronic public space. The center of our research is people.

Institute for New Media Frankfurt - INM is a research site and forum for art, science and technology in new media. There are four levels of cooperative projects in the fields of audio, video, 3D-graphics and interactive media: 1) Postgraduate projects for art students and trainees in New Media art. 2) Professional video and audio studios, multimedia and computer graphics ateliers for new media artists. 3) Experimental laboratories for scientific projects related to interactive media. 4) Advanced new media projects: interactive multimedia catalogues, multimedia environments for exhibitions, 3D-computer graphics and 3D-animation, experimental videos, cyberspace events, Internet and World Wide Web projects (Frankfurt Digital Marketplace) and all those media projects living at the edge.

Academy of Media Arts Köln - The Academy of Media Arts began its study programme in October of 1990. At present, it offers a four-year undergraduate programme as well as two-year postgraduate and occupational programmes in "Audio-visual Media". The Academy of Media Arts Cologne is the only art academy in the Federal Republic of Germany embracing all areas of audio-visual media. It brings together several different areas of media which interact in practice, but are generally kept separate at other institutions of higher education. Collaboration with other academies, cultural institutions, broadcasting corporations and the media industry both at home and abroad contributes to this process of integration. At the Academy of Media Arts, the areas of art, technology and science work in cooperation. Different forms of thought are brought together: Theory meets practical design, and technical training interacts with the artistic imagination. Great value is placed on giving the students an awareness of the social and political responsibility which they as artists, designers, directors and authors assume in their work with the media.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation San Francisco - A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information.

Station Rose Frankfurt - Based in Frankfurt Germany, Station Rose/STR is a bunch of 2 ensemble avec other electronic artists beeing part of a Global Sprawl Community, spreading our hypermedia art through products such as CD-ROMs, Audio CDs, through Live-Performances in the Techno-Underground, as well as through Academic Research, and finally through the net.

The Turing Galaxy Tokio - The Turing Galaxy is a hypertext system. Well, right now it is nothing more than a raw sketch, the skeleton of a structure to be. Eventually TG will be three things. 1. an online multimedia Ph.D. thesis on media theory in general and an application to the case of Japan. 2. A museum of media - theory spaces to walk around in, and discover. An edutainment themepark on media. 3. A Mud - since it's more fun to discover things together, to talk about them, and leave your own marks, there will be a Mud- like multi-user realtime interactive structure connected to the museum. As a thesis on media, TG is at the same time an experiment in exploring the new Universal Medium by using it. TG contains different categories of text (= texture, net, web), different interface metaphors (= media), different invitations, each biased towards a certain "mindframe" (Derrick de Kerckhove), but each providing entry points to the whole system. Each of the three parts will have a basic linear structure that the visitor can follow like the rooms in a museum or the pages in a book. But all of them will, of course, also be interconnected.

Ping datascape Berlin - A HREF = " On an interactive map you position images, hypertexts, movies, sounds, and objects located in the WWW, which then form the ping datascape. A virtual camera, called the eye agent, is constantly moving through the datascape, thereby generating the Ping-movie, a live and real time flight through the Internet.

OTIS - Operative Term Is Stimulate - OTIS, at it's most basic interpretation and intention, is a place for image-makers and image-lovers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a loose sense of the word, meet. OTIS is collection of images and information accessible mainly via INTERNET that is open for public perusal and participation. The quickest analogy drawn is that OTIS is like an "art collective". Not only because it's a place to see art, but also because of it's social reverbs. People do meet "on OTIS". Ideas are exchanged. Conversations are had via electronic-mail. Influencial works do "hang" on OTIS. People have been inspired. But this "coop" is open 24hrs and serves an ever increasing "community". The Net. This art collective is hardly exclusive, it's fairly easy to get your works displayed on OTIS. Art from OTIS has been featured in several publications, including WIRED, Lunatic Fringe, The Mac-Internet Tour Guide, ZomBit. Exhibits of OTIS work have been held in cities around the globe, sometimes on small screens and other times (like at FISEA and CyberCulture Houston) on a bit larger scale. More and bigger exhibits are planned for the future. OTIS began in January of 1993 as a tiny FTP site by the good-graces of John Van Oast's Underworld Industries and blossomed into a major receptacle of images and info via UNC's SunSite. OTIS has also sponsored a number of critically grumbled-over "collaboration projects" under the flag of SYNERGY and has set up an emailing list for the discussion of net-art, net-artists and the future of art itself.

t0 Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase Wien - ", data-economy, information wars, interactive media. Keywords of new culture technologies change the world. Economy, social interaction, language and the understanding of art are subject to this transformation...." (Konrad Becker). New @ Public Netbase: Public network terminals of the Institute for New Culture Technologies at the Depot allow global access to scientific, communal and private databases on the Internet. The t0 Netbase team gives accounts and assists in navigation and research. t0 World Wide Web Servers are dedicated to the interrelations of culture and technology, science and politics, art and society.

Idea Futures - "Imagine a betting pool or market on most disputed science questions, with the going odds available to the popular media, and treated socially as the current academic consensus. Imagine that academics are expected to "put up or shut up" and accompany claims with at least token bets, and that statistics are collected on how well people do. Imagine that funding agencies subsidize pools on questions of interest to them, and that research labs pay for much of their research with winnings from previous pools. And imagine that anyone could play, either to take a stand on an important issue, or to insure against technological risk. "This would be an "idea futures" market, which I offer as an alternative to existing academic social institutions. Somewhat like a corn futures market, where one can bet on the future price of corn, here one bets on the future settlement of a present scientific controversy..." From a background article by Robin Hanson. That's the goal. In the meantime, let's test out the concept, develop consensuses, and have some fun.

The Seven by Nine Squares Berlin - Monty Cantsin. Neoism. Florian Cramer. Smile. Data.

Bildschirmdenken Kassel - Manual für hypermediale Diskurstechniken

Die imaginäre Bibliothek Hildesheim - Eine wahre Geschichte über die unterschiedlichen Arten des Sammelns, Ordnens und Vernichtens von Schrifttum - von der Antike bis in die Zukunft.

starting points

MS. GUIDANCE Wien - Your personal guide on the web, with -Surfer's Delite-, -Cyberwar and Information Warfare-, -Xtra Dimensions, Hypermedia, Hyperspace-, -Music and Sounds-, -VRML (3D) in the Internet-, -Virtual Events-, -Cyborgs and other machinic adventures in space-, -Artificial Life-, -Robotics-, -TV online, live cam's and spycams-, -E-zines and Online Journals-, -Digital Communities and Democracy Netprojects-, -Daily Online News-, -E-Text and Online Books-, -Fringe Politics Part I-, -Cults -, -Women's Studies-, -Zero Outlinks- and more.

city metaphor Berlin - Smooth and carved spaces - compiled by Pit Schultz. You'll find a nice collection of links concerning digital cities, tourist guides and city information, social architecture and urban planning, more or less pure commercial sites and more.

SPEX Net Tourist Guide Berlin - Collected by Pit Schultz for the readers of the German magazine SPEX. Categories: city metaphor, overview, data bases, theory, hypertext, music, art, politics, media and cyberculture.

Meyer's Bookmarks Kassel - A lot of hot links sorted by e-zines, city metaphor, congresses online, splendid projects, archives, authors, starting points, music, psychology sites, commercial sites, webtools and agents. Compiled by Herbert A. Meyer.

Scarabaeus's Lesezeichen Hannover - Oh, yet Christian Wolff's bookmarks to click. He is since 1984 at Chaos Computer Club and since 1990 at PONTON European Media Art Lab.

The Whole Internet Catalog San Francisko - The Whole Internet Catalog (WIC) is a hand-picked collection of the best sites the Internet has to offer. Each of the 1200 sites in the WIC has been reviewed and categorized by subject by an editorial team. If we don't think our users will find a site useful or entertaining, we don't include it in the catalog.

Tecfa's Door to the Web Genf - Indexes &, WWW services, good home pages & other information sources. A massive collection done by Daniel K. Schneider.

Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet Worldwide - A round trip through Global Networks, Life in Cyberspace, and Everything...The genesis of the Big Dummy's Guide was a few informal conversations, which included Mitch Kapor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Steve Cisler of Apple Computer, Inc. in June of 1991.

Links from the Underground Chicago - Online since January '94! Done by Justin Hall (Yer Mama Net Productions). Including 'The Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful on the WWW', 'Latest Luscious Links from this Lascivious Lurker' and 'How you can bootstrap your web career'.

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